More than a product catalogue: The new edition PFERD Tool Manual

Press release - 24.05.2024

More than a product catalogue: The new edition PFERD Tool Manual

PFERD publishes the 24th edition of its Tool Manual - providing even faster and more up to date information about products.

The latest edition of the PFERD Tool Manual has the most digital focus yet, aligning itself more closely than ever with its customers’ needs. This is a response to requests from PFERD sales partners and end users, and will make the Tool Manual even more practical as an indispensable source of advice for metalworking.

It is now possible to view the huge range of information from the Tool Manual anywhere, any time. Clicking on the item number of the relevant product takes you directly to the PFERD Shop. Here, you will find even more useful information about optimum use of the tool. You can also add the item immediately to your digital shopping cart.

Highlights from the PFERD range also have a QR code, leading to additional valuable information.

New items can now be identified more quickly. A blue item number indicates at a glance the new products that have been added to the PFERD range.

Also new: For the first time, the new Tool Manual combines the new product brochure, which was previously re-issued every year, and the price list in a single document. This makes it even easier to choose the perfect PFERD tool.

With the new edition of the Tool Manual, PFERD is underlining its high quality standards with respect to its catalogue. You can find the new issue of the Manual at, under Service / Downloads.

About the PFERD Tool Manual:

The PFERD Tool Manual has a long tradition. As well as presenting all the PFERD tools available to order, it provides important additional information about how best to use them. The Tool Manual will now be appearing every year, ensuring that it always contains the very latest product information.

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