Highlights and innovations

PFERD innovations are in a class of their own

Innovations in the PFERD product range are impressive solutions that are popular among end users and retailers alike.

A team of experienced product managers is responsible for ensuring that the range is constantly updated and improved. If required, PFERD can develop your own tailor-made solution, always with the aim of attaining the highest levels of cost-effectiveness for you.


New additions to the PFERD product range

This brochure contains all new PFERD products and additions.

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Fine grinding and polishing tools

PFERD brings the WOW factor to grinding! PFERD has the largest range of fine grinding and polishing tools on the market, and offers top-quality solutions – from rough machining of extremely various surfaces to polishing.

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Thin cut-off wheels from PFERD

The perfect cut-off wheel product range for professional users. Fast, thin cuts with minimized burr formation. Maximum tool life, maximum efficiency, unparalleled cutting comfort.

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ALUMASTER High Speed Disc

The innovative ALUMASTER High Speed Disc is a unique tool with an extremely high stock removal rate. It is ideal for processing aluminium as it does not generate hazardous or explosive dust.


Drilling tools

Drilling tools from a single source. Drills for nearly all materials and applications. Highest degree of quality for precise and neat results.


Countersink tools

Countersink tools from a single source. Countersinks for nearly all materials and applications. Highest degree of quality for precise and neat results.


TC ground contact countersinks

PFERD produces TC ground contact countersinks flexibly and precisely according to the customer‘s specifications. They are used to produce precisely circular ground contact points.


Composite brushes

Composite brushes from PFERD have been specifically developed for industrial, automated use. They are suitable for a variety of applications and their variable clamping options mean that they can be used on many different drive systems.


Pneumatic drum

The comprehensive range of pneumatic drum belts offers the best solutions for many applications, from aggressive grinding to fine grinding and also for polishing.


Flexible sanding sticks

Flexible sanding sticks are very well suited for machining components with lots of contours, hard-to-reach areas and narrow slots.

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