Mounted flap wheels

Aluminium oxide mounted flap wheel F dia. 15x5 mm shank dia. 3 mm A150 for fine grinding and finishing

Item number: 44400025
EAN: 4007220661796
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Dia. external
Dia. shank
Grit size
Packaging unit
Technical information

Aluminium oxide mounted flap wheel F dia. 15x5 mm shank dia. 3 mm A150 for fine grinding and finishing

Aluminium oxide A
Dia. external
15 mm
Dia. shank
3 mm
Grit size
Length, shank
RPM, max.
50000 RPM
RPM, optimum
25000 RPM
5 mm
Packaging unit
10 Pieces

On mounted flap wheels, the flaps made of coated abrasive are arranged radially around the tool axis in a fan-type structure. Their flexibility enables them to adapt perfectly to the contours of the workpiece. The abrasive grain is embedded in the sturdy, flexible cloth backing material by means of a resinoid bond.

In ISO 3919, mounted flap wheels are designated as "flap wheels with shaft".

For general applications from coarse to fine grinding.

  • Highly flexible, enabling optimal adjustment to the contour.
  • Consistently high stock removal rate over the entire tool life as new, aggressive abrasive is constantly exposed.
  • Can be used face-down very close to edges and in corners thanks to the flat, moulded-core design.
Recommendations for use
  • Reducing the contact pressure and the peripheral speed and adding grinding oil diminishes tool wear and thermal load on the workpiece.
  • To increase the stock removal rate, it is advisable to use a coarser type of grit instead of increasing the contact pressure. This will prevent unnecessary tool wear and thermal load on the workpiece.
  • The increase in cutting speed leads to a slightly finer surface quality. Increasing the contact pressure makes the surface slightly coarser. The softer the material that is being worked on, the coarser the surface (when using the same grit size).
  • For the best results, use at a recommended cutting speed of 15-20 m/s. This provides an ideal compromise between stock removal rate, surface quality, thermal load on the workpiece and tool wear.
  • Use grinding oil that is suitable for the material in order to significantly increase the tool life and the abrasive performance of the tools.
Safety notes
  • For safety reasons, the maximum permitted rotational speed indicated must never be exceeded.
  • The contact pressure must be significantly reduced if the specified optimum rotational speed is exceeded.
  • Safety can only be guaranteed if the clamping length is at least 15 mm and the specified maximum rotational speed is not exceeded with unsupported shank lengths.
Materials that can be worked
Annealed cast iron
Cast steel
Grey/nodular cast iron (GG/GJL, GGG/GJS)
Hardened, heat-treated steels over 1.200 N/mm² (< 38 HRC)
Stainless steel (INOX)
Steel materials with a hardness > 54 HRC
Steels up to 1,200 N/mm² (< 38 HRC)
Step-by-step fine grinding
Structuring (matt finishing, brush matting and satin finishing)
Surface work
Work on weld seams
Drive types
Flexible shaft drive
Straight grinder

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