HSS hole saw set for craftsmen

bimetal hole saw set Co8/M42 9-piece for craftspeople

Item number: 25900700
EAN: 4007220319314
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Technical information

bimetal hole saw set Co8/M42 9-piece for craftspeople

PFERD type
Packaging unit
1 Piece

The set contains five HSS hole saws in the most common diameters, including accessories, for use in crafts. It is supplied in a well-arranged plastic box which protects against dirt and damage. Operating instructions are included. It is possible to use hole saws LS 32 and LS 38 with the LSA adapter and washer.

  • Cost-effective sawing of round cut-outs.
  • Chattering during sawing is prevented by the alternating tooth pitch.
  • High concentricity.
  • Good chip removal.
  • The hole saw is conveniently centred and guided via the replaceable HSS pilot drill.
  • Hole saw arbor is supplied with an ejection spring for improved ejection of the sawn material.
Recommendations for use
  • Observe the recommended rotational speeds.
  • Clamp the pilot drill in the hole saw arbor and make sure that it projects at least 3 mm (1/8") over the teeth of the hole saw.
  • When cutting metals, use a high-quality cutting oil, if possible. This facilitates smooth running and extends the hole saw service life. Exception: when working on aluminium, use kerosene instead of cutting oil.
  • HSS hole saws are suitable for work on stainless steel (INOX). In order to avoid corrosion, remove any particles which develop during work from the workpiece. Clean the workpiece chemically or mechanically (etching/polishing, etc.).
  • Make sure that all the teeth are applied evenly. To prevent tooth breakage, avoid swinging movements during sawing.
  • Avoid overheating the tool.
Safety notes
  • When using shank extensions, the recommended hole saw rotational speeds must not be exceeded. Risk of accidents!
  • The Allen key, 4 mm and the ejection spring are only available in a set and not individually.
Materials that can be worked
Hard non-ferrous metal
Stainless steel (INOX)
Steel, cast steel
Cutting out holes
Drive types
Column drill
Power drill
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