Drilling tools

Drilling tools - HSS spiral drills

Drilling tools with cross grinding for industrial uses. Fully ground, right-hand turning versions that produce precise drill holes thanks to their high concentricity and exact centring. PFERD offers spiral drills in the STEEL (118° point angle) and INOX (135° point angle) types.


  • Very good chip removal.
  • High concentricity.
  • Exact centring and low feed force thanks to cross grinding.

HSSG (M2) STEEL 118° type

  • Suitable for universal use on steel, cast steel, grey cast iron, annealed cast iron, bronze, brass, aluminium.
  • Easy centring.
  • Long tool life.
  • Good chip removal.

HSSE Co5 (M35) INOX 135° type

  • Particularly well suited for tough and hard materials, such as alloyed and highstrength steel, stainless steel (INOX).
  • Robust tip profile.
  • Very long tool life.
  • Good chip removal.
  • Very good temperature resistance due to Co content.

Drilling tools - HSS step drills

Sturdy high-performance tools for burr-free drilling and deburring of sheet metal, pipes and profiles. Materials up to 4 mm thick can be drilled and deburred easily in a single step. PFERD also offers step drills with a high-quality HICOAT coating. To ensure reliable torque transmission, all step drills have a three-surface shaft.


  • Drilling and deburring in a single step.
  • Completely smooth running and a high cutting performance.
  • The high-quality drill tip ensures effortless centring and drilling.
  • The tool taper makes it easier to pull back from drilled plates.
  • Chips which do not break are neatly removed as with a spiral drill.
  • Built-up edges and cold welding on the blades are prevented.

HSS type

Use cutting oil/compressed air as a coolant and lubricant in the case of step drills without a coating.


  • Step drills with a HICOAT coating can also be used without the addition of coolants.
  • Particularly suitable for work on stainless steel (INOX).


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