Massive power outage at PFERD

Press release - 19.07.2021

PFERD experiences impact of severe weather incident – CEO Jörn Bielenberg and Managing Director Jörg Hesse nevertheless sympathize with the people who lost everything in the flood disaster.

‘Looking back, we are still shocked by the devastation wreaked by the severe weather in Germany last week. In North Rhineland-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate in particular, where it caused incomprehensible suffering to those affected – who lost their belongings if not their life,’ said Jörn Bielenberg, the CEO of PFERD Tools, August Rüggeberg GmbH & Co. KG, to summarize the impressions of last week. ‘Although the torrential rain and its aftermath also had a devastating impact on us, our thoughts and sympathy go out to the people around us who have lost everything.’

The family-run company in Marienheide/Oberbergischer Kreis also had to struggle with the effects of the severe weather incident last week on Wednesday, 14 July 2021. ‘The rain did not directly affect our factory in Marienheide. We didn’t sustain any damage. But there is a substation behind our premises that supplies our power. It was completely flooded by torrents of water when the Wipper River broke its banks. Suddenly, there was a power outage in the entire company on Wednesday evening,’ said Bielenberg.

Once the situation improved on Thursday morning, the Marienheide Volunteer Fire Brigade and the grid operator, Westnetz, immediately began to pump away water and make repairs. ‘We owe the helpers a big thank you!’ Bielenberg said in praise of their engagement, emphasizing that it was the only way to remedy the damage within a manageable period of time. ‘I would also like to thank the employees who supported the work and those who took over the crisis management in the background.’

Jörg Hesse, Managing Director Sales and Marketing added: ‘From the very beginning, open and quick communication with our customers was important to us. We are also very grateful for their reassurance.’ By late Friday evening, the damage to the substation had been repaired and it was fully recommissioned. ‘Right now, we are working at full speed to complete the orders that piled up during the outage,’ explained Hesse. ‘We are fully available for our customers and suppliers again.’

CEO Jörn Bielenberg concluded: ‘We had to deal with a major economic loss, but our hearts are with the people around PFERD and their well-being. We are aware that the flood had devastating consequences in many regions and wish everyone strength, stamina, and optimism.’

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