Occupational Health Management PFERDVITAL

As part of PFERDVITAL, August Rüggeberg offers its employees a comprehensive range of sports and advisory services on nutrition and other health topics. The PFERDBISTRO and the company's own day care centre "The jumping Ponies" are also part of the company's health management.

With its 1,950 employees, PFERD feels particularly committed to actively contributing to health and well-being. For this reason, occupational health management has been a strategic objective of the family-owned company since 2012. In order to tailor the programme specifically to the needs of its own employees, the staff was asked for its contribution to the elaboration of various health topics within the scope of a survey. More than half of all PFERD employees took part in the survey, so that specific measures could then be derived.

For their exemplary commitment in the area of health management, the health insurance company AOK and the Institute for Workplace Health Promotion awarded August Rüggeberg GmbH & Co. KG the Health Award 2016.

Health Circle

The Health Circle brings together responsible persons from all areas of PFERD as well as from external institutions who deal with the topic of "employee health" on a daily basis. The health circle meets every four to eight weeks and includes members from the following internal and external areas/institutions:

  • Company Medical Centre
  • Health insurance company
  • Pension insurance
  • Rehabilitation centre
  • Occupational safety/studies
  • Data protection
  • Human Resources Management
  • Works Council
  • Health management

"Moving" measures

In addition to numerous cooperations with fitness studios in the surrounding area, PFERD also offers its employees a changing internal sports programme. Furthermore, sports groups such as the PFERD running group, the MTB group and others are actively supported. In addition, campaigns such as the PFERD Hiking Day or action days for stress management and much more take place.

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