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PFERD's day care centre

For more than 100 years, the old villa with its large garden belonged to the Rüggeberg family, which has now transferred it to the Marienheider Bürgerstiftung by way of an endowment. 15 children can be cared for here, five of them under the age of three. The Lindlar architect Gabriele Salberg was responsible for the successful design in carefully coordinated colours and furnishings in connection with the largely preserved building fabric of the Art Nouveau villa.

"With the establishment of this day care centre, the Rüggeberg company is making a small contribution to solving the problem of the municipality and the Oberberg district, which, according to the law, must provide a day care place for all children under the age of three by the middle of the year 2013," Jan Rüggeberg explained the family's motives for founding the day care centre.

The day care centre will be run by the company "KITA-Concept". The Wuppertal-based company already runs a large number of similar childcare facilities, including at S&C Schmidt & Clemens in Lindlar. Although it is a day care centre run by the company August Rüggeberg, children of parents who are not employed by Rüggeberg will also be admitted.

Interested parents can find detailed information about the day care centre on the website.

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