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Press release - 18.11.2021

Engine maintenance involves numerous challenges – grinding rear-facing repair welds is particularly tricky and many of the self-manufactured tool solutions that are used are dangerous.

Engine maintenance professionals are familiar with the situation – grinding rear facing repair welds in cases, slots and grooves in the engine is hugely problematic due to the poor accessibility of these locations. Working on welded-on combustor plates is similarly complicated as the weld seams cannot generally be reached with conventional grinding tools.

From necessity, users have created their own grinding tools but these have not undergone any safety tests and do not comply with any of the usual safety regulations. This is a dangerous and, in most cases, far from economical practice.

PFERD Tools, the Marienheide-based manufacturer of tools for work on surfaces is familiar with this issue and has now extended its range of COMBIDISC tools with the “RW” version (patent pending). On this version, the abrasive grain is not located on the underside of the tool - as is normal for face-down grinding - but on the top. This enables you to work backwards by guiding the tool to the location to be worked on and pulling it towards you to grind rather than pressing it onto the surface. This enables you to utilise the abrasive coating on the top of the tool.

COMBIDISC abrasive discs have a high-quality ceramic oxide grain with a tooling top-size coating. They grind very easily when used on high-temperature-resistant materials such as nickel-based alloys, deliver high stock removal and produce a high-quality surface finish. Another advantage of the system is that there are no abrasives or fixing elements on the rear of the sander that could result in damage to the workpiece. The arbor is surrounded by plastic in the area of the workpiece, which also protects against damage or contact corrosion. The PFERD range is available in different dimensions. The product range is constantly being extended with new designs and grit sizes to offer the perfect product for all common materials.

About PFERD Aerospace:

The globally networked Key Account Management PFERD Aerospace has been intensively involved with the requirements of aerospace technology for tools for surface machining and cutting for more than 20 years. PFERD solutions are successfully used in the areas of Engine, Component, Line, Airframe and Modification. The key account team is active and available with a focus on problem solving, cost effectiveness, process optimization and ergonomics.

About PFERD:

August Rüggeberg GmbH & Co. KG – PFERD Tools ( is one of the leading manufacturers of tools for surface finishing and cutting metals. The family-owned company from Marienheide with more than 200 years of tradition manufactures its products in eight production facilities and today offers a system program that includes more than 9,000 tools. 1,950 employees in 26 subsidiaries worldwide ensure a market proximity that is ideal for optimal consulting and supply.

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